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Bulkhead, yours is the only one I can think of that I do as well. Don't want to have to run without shoes over twisted sharp metal or glass if there is a survivable accident. But I don't really consider that a "superstition." I just consider it good common safety buckling your seatbelt. I put 'em on just before landing also.

A couple of times I actually had a FA tell me I had to put them on during take-off and landing, because I was sitting in an exit row. I don't know it this was an airline, FAA, or "FA" rule.

My ex-girlfriend and I used to alway take a stuffed United Pilot Bear with us on each trip, and marked his shirt with the places we visited. This was just for fun, and was more of a tradition than a superstition. But he was considered "Good Luck" to every trip, and I will admit that on the few occasions when we accidently left him behind, I might have thought for just a second during take-offs that I wished our own "Pilot" were here to supervise things.

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