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Originally Posted by RichardInSF View Post
I have a dirty little secret: in maybe 50+ trips to Tokyo, I've never gone to Tsukiji and it's unlikely I will ever go. If I wake up at 4am jetlagged, the last thing I would want to do is shower, get dressed, and go look at fish -- no matter how amazing it is to auction them off.
If I wake up at 4AM jet lagged, I go out to a combini or vending machine, buy some coffee, and sit up reading until sunrise. Then I go walk around the neighborhood to catch some natural daylight and hopefully return to the hotel just in time for breakfast.

The fish market has not been on my mental map since I took some students to it in 1991. They, too, were underwhelmed (except for the vegetarians, who thought it was disgusting) and enjoyed the restaurant supply shops and the novelty of sushi for breakfast (the vegetarians had kappa maki) much more than they enjoyed the market.
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