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Originally Posted by GoingAway View Post
I wish people would realize that UA could've bagged the entire concept of MM as an alternative, and work to understand what they are getting rather than complaining that it's an "injustice" that a program which retains its right to make changes, has done so. Sucks, kind of, sure, but it is what it is - deal with it!

The threats of i'm not flying them anymore are bogus for the most part, or just irrelevant. They also do nothing to encourage UA to further a program which according to many posts here, actually discourage flying on the airline in future. I don't buy that it works that way in the end for the majority of ppl still traveling (not all do), but the amount of hot air is at times overwhleming.

Even if theyd made me silver for life, I would have had some incentive to fly United even if it in the future gets dropped as a preferred carrier by my employer. At gold for life I have lots of incentive to pick UA when I have choice. Thats the whole point of the program. And because of what AA did to its MMer program, I am too old to build lifetime status on another carrier.

Originally Posted by dgcpaphd View Post
It does not matter that you were told you would get certain benefits for life when you earned million-mile status. The new management makes up new rules and you are stuck with the new rules, or so it seems at the moment.
If you have mmer status now or next year, you will be a star gold. Could UA take that away? Of course. For one thing star might change the designations.

Originally Posted by dgcpaphd View Post

We million-milers were promised things that have been taken away. For example, we have been demoted from second place below 1K to third place, below 1K. Ignoring GS, we were told that we would maintain, for life, Premier Executive which is one step below 1K.
And you will be given a bunch of BIS that you didnt have before that will make it easier for you to attain lifetime 0p.

Originally Posted by dgcpaphd View Post
We were also told that we would get two CR-1s each year for life but that, too, has been taken away by the new United management.
You were not told that those upgrades would always be useful. You should be focusing on first principles. The new United doesnt have much NF.

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