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Originally Posted by mikeef View Post
It shows up a couple of times per month on your US account, likely starting at the end of September.

its possible that Miles will post but a Hit wont,and they post at different times usually from 1 another

reasons a Hit wont post but Miles will, eg a Hotel stay for $90 (rate) @ 2 p miles per $ = 180 miles less then the 200 needed, purchased an item from a vendor but that item was excluded from the T&Cs for earning a Hit , vendor never sent the item thusly I wasnt charged = no miles earned = no hit

I check to see if the charge came thru, if it did then if the reg miles got credited to my US acct, if it did then I wait for US to do the Run for Hits and check if that shows up. If the CC charge doesnt come thru or arrival of the purchased item then most likely a Hit wont post either. But its only 9/26, I will start to worry 10/26 but then again I have 3 car rentals booked for early Nov for a trip I will be taking so hopefully by then 33 Hits will have posted

beltway put it better in his post above mine I was referring to the Tier Bonuses as he mentions
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