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Originally Posted by Errata View Post
This was the Park Lane IC. I called them up and spoke to the agent dealing with my case, who explained that a manager had responded by email and telephone to validate the case. Therefore I was to obtain a receipt and send it in. I am also in the UK but was told that the cheque is despatched from Guest Relations, whether that is from the UK facility or not I do not know. I assume it would be issued in the same currency as the booking.

It's still rather annoying, as this means that I will have to part with almost 400 for an unknown length of time, hoping that the cheque will come. I'm going to ring the hotel directly and try and speak to someone in the reservation office.

I also asked the agent whether hotels are likely to argue with the rate. She said she is aware that many hotels have argued, but stated that as per the terms the hotel is obliged to comp the night, otherwise the BRG department shall reimburse with a cheque and take it up with the hotel, therefore I think this is the solution to the issues at Le Grand. Fortunately they're not forcing us to do the leg-work here.
Cheers for the info. Did you speak to someone through the US tollfree or the UK number? As far as I am aware, the BRG department is located in the US (or at least the number suggests so, could also be an ICC though).

I guess at least this way you get to keep the stay credit and points for it since you will be checking out with a paid for receipt. And they should rightly allow you to keep them even when the costs are subsequently reimbursed as a gesture (or interests for that matter ) for your trouble.

When is your stay btw? would like to hear how things go down in the end.

If you have not already, ask the BRG manager to put something down in writing for you, in case things get shifty unexpectedly. This way at least you have some valid grounds if you have to take it up via credit card dispute. Oh, and of course pay with a CC in the first place.

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