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Originally Posted by xmassheep View Post
Further to this, I called AirNZ last week and after a chat about how BD would benefit me more, the agent changed the associated FF number from my AP one to my new BD one. The flights are still showing up in myairnz, but there doesn't seem to be any way I can see whether the change has gone through (BD website will not show anything not booked through them) - is this possible without phoning AirNZ again? Or should I just double-check when I arrive at the airport?

Also, I was looking at my seat selection via the main website, and some new seats appeared on one of my NZ19 legs - was hoping to change but when I tried to save the change it said there was an error with the system, and if I try through myairnz it doesn't even show the seat maps, just says there's an error. Has been like this since Friday so does anyone know if it is just me (and have I FUBARed it by removing AP number) or is it widespread?

Thanks all.
if you have removed your ap number from the booking then it should not show up in myairnz. If you keep trying to acess the booking via myairnz then there is a chance the system will re-add ap as your ffp for the booking. At the end of the day it makes no difference whatsoever what ffp is on the booking until the moment you step on the plane and the doors are shut..!

On check in ask the agent to double check what ffp is on the booking, updatee as required and double check what is listed on the bottom left side of your boarding pass, thats the one that matters.

in ref to seat map I have no idea why more seats are showing now, maybe some people have changed or maybe airnz is opening more up, however that usually does not happen until 48 hours before departure. If you have a seat number in mind just call airnz if your worried and ask them to check if its availible..!
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