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OK, good news for me. I called in Thursday evening for my Friday afternoon flight from ATL to PHL(3:30pm, FL 334) to upgrade two people because I got the Business Upgrade prompt when I was checking in. I looked at the seat map and surpisingly there were 8 seats open on my flight. Funny thing is earlier in the day , I tried to fake book business class and the booking page indicated it was full. Also, as you know, I couldnt upgrade the prior day either.

Anyway, success. Then I asked them to transfer some of my credits to upgrade my cousins from Bloomington to PHL and success there too. They joined us in ATL and we all had fun traveling in the same block of seats.

Flight was full. But they were considerate enough to make sure we had enough space to place our carryons despite boarding last and they were making some economy people checkin their carryons due to lack of overhead space.

Only negative was I saw the FA eat the last kettle chips packet while we were taking off and there were none left when the snack tray came around to us. Damn you southwest for the low inventory. Also when I asked for glacial Icelandic water bottles, the FA initially said she was out of them, but then I lingered on in the cabin for jsut an extra few seconds and then it occurred her to check again and magic , there were 4 or 5 bottles in one of the drawers. But the rest of the snacks were fortunately still there in the snack tray. THe service was a little spotty for BC. I think the FAs seemed a little too "business like" , pun intended. The FA also did not check on us for drinks or snacks as often as they used to in the past.

Still, it is still a nice luxury to travel like this for little extra cost on a busy labor day weekend. I will miss this. I highly doubt there was a single free upgrade for elites on this flight. I am just thankful to use my credits.
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