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Originally Posted by NYmetsfan111 View Post
But would my friends have to write a review after each dine in? That would be a hassle for them if they get no benefit from it.
Any card you link into your account, it's your account that the review has to be written in (when there's a bonus associated with reviewing). So not only do they not have to write reviews, they can't write reviews, unless you let them log into your account, or they forward the reviews to you and then you enter them.

However, woe to you if you have missing dines, because then you'll have to submit either a receipt or a credit card statement, and if those don't have your name on them, that not only won't necessarily cure the missing dine, but might also set up a red flag. So if you're going to do this, you have to accept is as "gravy", and just ignore any missing dines, I would think.

But do you realize how few restaurants particpate? In my area where there are 100++ restaurants within walking distance of my apartment, only a half dozen of them participate. And in many areas you may be quite a few miles away from the closest participating restaurant. Chances are, if you don't tell your family & friends which restaurants to eat at (or if they don't take your "advice") then you'll hardly ever, if ever, get dines posted from their cards. Is it all worth that much bother?
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