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In the definitive thread, there are some std ops manuals posted, I think the info is there.
Several links are posted at http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/16656183-post26.html

The 2010 Hilton manual says this:
8.1.8. Relocation of members policy:
The following Standards apply to all members with guaranteed reservations who are relocated:
a. The hotel must coordinate complimentary accommodations at an equal or greater value local hotel.
b. The hotel must pay for the first night’s room and tax, plus one telephone call.
c. The hotel must offer and/or provide transportation to the alternate hotel and back, if necessary, at no cost to the member.
d. The hotel must complete the “Reservations Emergency Stay Credit” form online via Focus HHonors to provide the member proper Points & Miles, stay credit, and applicable bonuses for the eligible stay they would have consumed.
e. A Diamond VIP or Preferential Gold VIP member is the last guest to be relocated.
c. Relocation/Dishonored Diamond VIP reservations.
In addition to actions listed in Section 8.1.8. a. – c., the following actions must also be followed:
i. A Diamond VIP (and Preferential Gold VIP) member must be the last guest to be relocated. The hotel must follow the following Standards for all guests with guaranteed reservations who are “relocated”:
· Relocated guests must receive the best available accommodations if returning to the hotel on a multiple night stay after being relocated.
ii. For Diamond VIP members ONLY:
· This relocation and all pertinent information must be reported to Guest Assistance as soon as possible and no later than one hour after the actual relocation. If possible, communication should take place in advance of the relocation.
· An immediate inconvenience compensation of $200 cash must be paid to the member.
· The hotel’s General Manager or General Manager’s representative must immediately telephone the Diamond VIP member to apologize for failing to honor a reservation.
· The hotel must also provide the Diamond VIP member with Points & Miles credit for any nights the member was relocated. The hotel must pay the normal cost of the points and miles.
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