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Banks hating on customers who bring in deposits? After all the taxpayers did going deep into debt to bail them out? What a fiasco!

My current bank loves my deposits. I rotate banks to spread goodwill and cheer throughout the community. And grab miles and cash for opening new accounts....

Originally Posted by Marathon Man View Post
a little coin/bank vindication here...

Months ago I told a sob story about a bank that hates me and my coins. Due to heavy coin activity and other churning using the little bank, they kicked me out and closed my account. No negative reports were filed on me whatsoever but I could not use them anymore (a local area bank, nothing big/serious).

The bank manager met with me and basically said his bank would not handle the types of transactions I was doing. I was using their coin machine and while I was doing other transactions such as bill pay, ATM use and check writing, the majority was coins and such.

Well, I go to a personal trainer at the gym and his $60/week fee is separate from the gym's so he only takes cash or checks. I pay him in coins and he deposits these with his other deposits each week at a drive thru--at that same bank! And he's friends with that same manager.

Turns out the tellers realize he's getting the coins from me, and he also goes into the branch to unroll coins I give him and pour them into the coin machine.

The other day he said the manager happened to be the one to come out to open the machine and take out the heavy bag that was by now filled up with about $1k of MY coins. And even though the trainer had been filling it, the manager mumbled my last name and shook his head--like, MM GOT ME!

The trainer snickered and told me about it. We had a laugh and well, that made me feel good. He then loaded extra weight on my particular exercise and I was instantly made to be in pain.

Ah but what a sweet feeling of pain that was

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