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Originally Posted by sysunyu View Post
I wonder if the airport check-in agent or flight attendant could find 2 front seats for us on the day of departure. I have heard that basically, airlines agents will put passengers with baby in front seats. We really worried that we will fly with our baby in the back of aircraft for 14 hours.
Not on UA. These seats, as already posted, are reserved for UA's and now CO's elite flyers. IMO, your child will be too big for a bassinet anyway, and very doubtful you could still get the bulkhead seats necessary to use one. I've actually never seen a bassinet in use on UA on all my international travel with them.

If you want to sit closer to the front, you'll have to pay for it. Suggest you purchase Economy Plus yearly option, which will cost you $425. This is good for two people and you can use this for your outbound and return flight. It's cheaper than paying for each leg, and it's good for one year.

I also am not sure that sitting in the back is a bad thing with an infant.
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