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Originally Posted by mia View Post
I don't believe this is accurate. I have Citi Chairman on the same login as co-branded Citi AAdvantage card.
Originally Posted by bver100 View Post
All the information needs to be exactly the same on the accounts - phone number, mailing address, permanent address, etc. I called in to Citibank when I got the AA card and they sorted it out for me - but it was kind of a huge mess because they had to look at my other records and match them and there was probably some more security stuff etc.

You must have gotten a rep who didn't feel like going through the trouble. Try again! You might let them know that the information might be different on the two accounts.
I did call back & speak to a US-based supervisor. Although she kept making the same not-really-correct claim -- "the Hilton card uses a separate website" -- it seems as if what she was trying to say, however inartfully, is that the Hilton card accounts are served by a separate back end. She noted that this is distinct from the personal Citi AA cards, which can be linked to other Citi accounts. (That is consistent with my own experience, and with mia's comment above, although Citi biz cards are another matter.)

Baffling that they would do it this way for a Hilton consumer card. Then again, if Citi did everything sensibly, many of us would be much less AAdvantaged.
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