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Originally Posted by kipper View Post
If you find you do have mold spores, which I'm guessing you do, talk to your landlord (assuming you rent, since you said apartment building). They should be responsible for paying someone to remove the mold and take measures to ensure they've removed all of it, and that it won't return. They may temporarily place large, industrial-sized air dryers wherever the water damage was, in an attempt to remove any remaining water.

In some cases, mold remediation means gutting the apartment, down to the studs. When Mr. Kipper was doing mold remediation 7-8 years ago, they'd apply a bleach-based solution to the studs and would also usually apply Kilz to a lot of the cleaned surfaces, IIRC.

Good luck!
i cannot believe one can get a landlord to de mold ify an apartment. we are talking about food mold and food spores. i do not think it possible, other than in clean room conditions to keep a lived in kitchen food spore free. this is not the stuff in florida that is between the walls.

my wife bakes bread often. it always molds within 2-3 days. no preservatives, like wonderbread.

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