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Originally Posted by notsosmart View Post
...I like to bake bread, and the last batch I made had mold on it within two days, despite being stored in an air-tight zip-lock plastic bag. Even bread that I put in the fridge seems to mold over quickly, and not to mention fruits/vegetable that are left on counters.

What's going on?

I keep my kitchen nicely aerated, there is no visible mold on any walls or anything like that, and neither my GF nor I have had any respiratory/allergy issue that are tell-tales of a mold infestation.

Is there anything I can do besides vacuum-sealing everything?
Lots of possible reasons, but the 2 most likely are that the flour is contaminated (mold spores staying dormant until water is added) or that something is blowing the spores around (classically HVAC with ducts needing cleaning, but could be other things). The latter would generally result in other symptoms (at a minimum mold around the shower/bathtub unless that has no airflow access). I'd try a freshly opened bag of flour, with bleach cleaned bowls and utensils, and see if that fares better. A minute amount of uncleaned mold can spread like wildfire.
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