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Originally Posted by dranz View Post
So; I'm travelling with a German colleague, in Nebraska ... Dieter is driving.

We exit a construction zone and the sign says, "Speed Limit Ends"

Dieter resumes cruising at 75+. Moments later ... red lights and sirens.

As Officer Bubba approaches the car, Dieter says, "Do not speak. Not a word."

Bubba asks for his license and the registration. Dieter shifts from perfectly good
english to German with a bit of pigdeon english. He proceeds to extract a
piece of onion skin paper, 8.5x11", and hands it Bubba. Budda doesn't read

In order to increase comprehension, Bubba shifts into "slower & louder" mode.
Dieter keeps nodding agreement with whatever Bubba says, "Yah, yah, yah.

Bubba says that the speed limit is 55MPH. Dieter says, "No! Sign says,
SPEED LIMIT ENDS!" They go round & round & round & round on this matter.

Whenever Bubba speaks to me, I look at Dieter, shrug, and say, "Nein?"

Officer Bubba finally let us go, without a ticket.
ROFL! That's not a horror story, that's a win!
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