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Nothing so horrible as cockroaches!!!

Once I rented a PT Cruiser (Pretty Terrible Crusier) at LAS. I got no more than a mile out of the rental lot when the transmission seized and literally fell out the bottom of the car. So began a battle in which Enterprise claimed it was my fault, and I denied doing anything except driving, and because I got no more than a mile away, the ODO was the same as it was at pick up on the contract and several weeks later, with the help of Amex, got out of any responsibility.

Once in DEN I had the option of taking the toll road. Without a transponder, they will bill you for the mileage you drive on it based on's about a buck per exit you pass, my total was 7 Dollars. When the rental car company got the bill, for whatever reason they sat on it for two months, thereby making the fine 75 dollars to the state of Colorado for non payment. I claimed that it was not me that sat on it, it was Dollar Rental Car. The state graciously dropped the fine, and Dollar was held responsible. All post marks showed it was received on time, and not sent to me until 60 days later after they received it. Dollar was pissed, and even though the fine was dropped they tried to charge me a 57 dollar "administrative fee.". I never paid. Never heard from them about it. Never rented from them again either.
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