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#1--> Login to do some business. Then log out or get timed out. Then try to get a boarding pass..."oops" .... you MUST log in again, even to use the general boarding pass screen.

#2 --> you can only use the "future flights" screen for the main booking OR for the companion pass when getting boarding passes. Once one is used, the other hyperlink becomes inactive and you must manually enter the booking number and names to get boarding pass issued.

#3--> type "LAX" into the booking engine and you must wait a second until "LAX-Los Angeles International" appears, then click on it. If you don't wait, you will likely get Austin as your selection.

#4--> no easy way to book multiple passengers using rapid rewards

#5--> no easy way to see the entire route of a given flight number

#6--> when using drop-down calendar during booking, if you scroll the whole page down (to see the bottom of the calendar), sometimes the calendar disappears and must be re-clicked

#7--> site violates the "4 second" rule when loading the homepage. Can take 6-8 seconds to load all the ads and stuff.

#8--> must wait until all the ads load before entering your RR # and password. Otherwise, you must reenter everything.

There are so many more minor irritations. I cringe every time I have to use the Southwest site...and it was not that way in the past.
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