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Originally Posted by Shimon View Post
The seat isn't the problem. Its the insects, the people and their behaviour...
Welcome to China! You have 1.4 billion people, you're going to get plenty of looloos in the mix. (Or Lu-Lu's.) Although I must admit, I have not seen insects. Plenty of sunflower seeds on the floor yes, but not insects. I have seen plenty more insects on SE Asia trains. And let's not even think about trains of India.

I stand by what I have presented. Hard seat on a Chinese train is not an option to be considered lightly, especially for longer journeys, but it is often available when all else fails, and I would have been remiss to not mention it here. I try to be comprehensive and let people make up their own minds based on their own style and comfort zones. Also purpose of trip--some people wouldn't dream of doing a business trip in hard seat (I'm one of them) but for jaunting off for leisure to the backstretch of Guizhou...might be willing to. Not every situation requires pristine perfection.

Many FT'ers are only used to the upper end of travel. However, I've met a surprising number that while going First Class and Ritz-Carlton is their preference, are perfectly able to roll with the punches and do what needs to be done to find transport options when push comes to shove. And some FT'ers do travel on tight budgets, for whom high costs are far scarier than insects and Chinese with strange behaviors.
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