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Originally Posted by GordonGordon View Post
You are right, The BeerHunter! I saw people standing on corals and kicking them with their fins, and I got very frustrated about it. It does happen anywhere, even from the wealthy & well-educated tourist in Bora Bora or Seychelles!

Btw, does anyone know the major difference between beach view villa(BVV) (48sqm) and sea view beach house (SVBH) (71sqm, duplex) beside the sizes? BVV is semi-detached and SVBH is an individual unit with 2 storeys. It makes me feel that BVV is more spacious since it is a one level unit. Although SVBH is bigger, the open space downstairs takes up a lot of space. Thanks for any advice in advance.
We got upgraded from the garden view villa to the sea view beach house. There's a gigantic difference. First of all, the villas are 2 units per free standing building so you and your neighbour share a common side wall. The beach house is a free standing unit - you don't share anything with your neighbour. I saw the BVV and it seems smaller; however, you're correct the first level open space does account for quite a bit. Also, I felt that the SVBH, considering the layout, offered more privacy because it felt as though you had a backyard and the foliage provided some privacy. Plus - BVV are located amongst the trees where these 1-2 foot long fruit bats live (sleep during the day) - they're definitely not dangerous, but they're huge and every night they exodus to Guaraidhoo to feed on bananas then return before dawn.

We were 3 units away from the overwaters, and they don't offer any privacy whatsoever - they are layed out in shotgun style - I wouldn't want to stay in those.

By the way - if you're staying on points and want to upgrade to the overwater, it's $200 per night. Not worth it IMHO.
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