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Originally Posted by gatelouse View Post
When Amtrak started yield-managing the NEC, there were reports of agents repricing to the prevailing, often higher, fare when redeeming an upgrade. This issue has been definitively fixed some time ago. (The coupon even instructs agents to manually price tickets to preserve the original fare.)
That wasn't a deliberate act on the part of the agents. Right about the same time that AGR started with the coupons, Amtrak changed how revenue management worked. Amtrak decided that any changes to a reservation would automatically reprice things to the current bucket.

Well the upgrade, even though free, was still a change to the reservation. So the computer repriced and if the agent wasn't paying attention, they didn't notice that it had repriced. Even worse, one limitation in ARROW is that they can't find out what the original price was, so unless they had noted it prior to starting, you had to bring printer proof to the station later on to get the original price.

This situation has since been fixed via other means now anyhow.

Originally Posted by gatelouse View Post
This should go without saying, but this is Amtrak. Upgrading individual legs of a roundtrip works. I had a roundtrip Acela booking with J outbound and F returning. Upgrading the J leg without disturbing the return was a cinch.
Yes, that works. However, both tickets are still issued at the same time. So if you were planning to upgrade the return as well and you're not within the window it causes more issues. You can still can when within the window, but it is harder for the agent to process the upgrade on a ticket that has been printed.

So if you're planning to upgrade both legs, make separate resevations. It's just easier!

Originally Posted by gatelouse View Post
Despite the fine print on the coupon, the upgrades don't appear to be capacity-controlled, but I haven't had a chance to test that assertion.
I haven't seen that either, yet.

Originally Posted by gatelouse View Post
Upgrades aren't valid for child tickets, right?
I don't believe so, since that is a discounted ticket. And on Acela, you can't buy childs tickets M-F.

Originally Posted by gatelouse View Post
Can you upgrade a two-segment trip priced with a single through fare? If so, one coupon or two?
Never tried, as there aren't many places where you could even take such a ride. My guess however is that you'd need two.

Originally Posted by gatelouse View Post
Anyone tried using an upgrade voucher for a rail fare that doesn't permit a purchased upgrade to business class, like those 14-day advance NEC fares?
Never tried. But also wouldn't waste a voucher on BC when I could use it for First Class on Acela. It's a much better value for the voucher.

Originally Posted by gatelouse View Post
How strict are the 12-hour and 48-hour windows? Will the computer reject the upgrade, or is it left to the agents to enforce the waiting periods?
It's up to the agent to enforce things. In my experience most will let you slide by a few minutes, not that I've pushed the window all that much. But if you are hours early, I wouldn't expect them to process it.
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