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Originally Posted by HONcircle View Post
We are all familiar with airlines transforming a large part of the airfare into a
YQ tax (fuel surcharge). Recently, some airlines started to make YQ tax not refundable. I guess the next step will be to make ALL the taxes not refundable.

I noticed this with Diamond Club too. On one particular booking, the total came out to about 250 GBP. As almost 200 GBP is YQ tax (4,50 GBP credit card fee is not refundable either), this means that on a 250 GBP booking (miles only) you only get about 25 GBP back!

Is this normal? Or is it part of the transfer to Miles and More?
This is not normal on a mileage booking and is simply not correct. You do get the YQ back on award bookings, otherwise I wouldn't bother making any.

On revenue bookings you don't get it back but then it is not a tax so the airline has no obligation to and I don't think should on a restricted non-refundable fare.
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