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Originally Posted by MissAnthrope View Post
there's no need for employees to be rude, no excuse for it. ABSOLUTELY TRUE. And Amtrak has struggled with this since day one. Many employees think that since you are on a train, and can't go anywhere else, they can treat you like dirt. It's getting better, but WAY to SLOWLY. I've preached for years that Amtrak could, virtually overnight, increase their business among repeat-casual-passengers ten fold or more, if the employees just treated the passengers like Disney employees treat the theme park visitors.

Anyway we will probably use our remaining credit on a shorter trip with no kids along with us, just because I can't see wasting the money. Maybe the second time will be better.
I used to work in customer service, for a company I was part owner of, and OFTEN had to deal with customers who had experienced a "less than pleasureable event" and I often asked them: "Give me a chance to make it up, if we screw up a second time, I'll refund your money...." So yes, give Amtrak a second chance, because truth-be-told, "Bad crews" tend to stick (work) together, but eh same is true for "Good crews".
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