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Originally Posted by Daawgon View Post
I'm curious and apprehensive about dealing with Airbnb. I fear that the hidden costs and other problems might outweigh any savings for room/apartment rentals. I would love to hear about your experience. I'm thinking about renting in Brooklyn, New York and Istanbul, Turkey.
There is a fee for using AirBnB, I don't know how it is figured, but for an upcoming stay in Brooklyn it was $47 additional for a four night stay @ $95 a night. Some places have a clearly stated cleaning fee attached, that you pay when you arrive. There should be no fees that are undisclosed in the listing.

I don't use places with a "strict" cancellation policy, only "moderate." I have not had to cancel a reservation yet, but like to know I will see most of my money returned if I have to.

The rating and review system is great, and I have had no problems in the last two years using AirBnB, renting in Manhattan, Brooklyn and San Francisco.

YMMV, but it works for me.
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