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Unhappy Really, does Amtrak always suck so badly?

Just wondering. We were SOOOO looking forward to our train trip from San Antonio, TX to Chicago, IL.

OMG. Nightmare. It was mainly due to the attitudes of the Amtrak employees. As my eldest (18 year old) son put it "Geez, they act like we bought our tickets with food stamps!" And they totally did. It was as if they were doing us some huge favor.

They told us several times they'd overbooked and this was going to be a crowded trip. I mean they flat out said that they had OVER SOLD. Isn't that kind of a bad idea?? Anyway, EVERY stop they repeated this and in a very very snarky way told us we needed to make sure to not have our stuff in an empty seat next to us, which I understand, but why so freakin' rude? And interestingly enough, our car NEVER filled up so I don't know what all the blah blah was about.

They told us they were running out of food. They announced the first call for breakfast, we got on the list, and didn't get the craptacular "breakfast" for another 3 hours. Mostly, EVERYTHING said over the PA was said in the most rude, condescending manner I've ever experienced. I think I've been treated better, generally, at the DMV!

One sad and laughable moment was when they told us to keep children off the floor and keep shoes on because "these floors are filthy"!

Oh, and it was hot. How hard would it be to have some sort of little vent/fan option on each seat, like on a plane? It was uncomfortable for most of the trip.

Well I could go on but you get the idea. Worst part of the story; due to someone else's BS, we missed our return train home by about ten minutes, and when we tried to book another train the following day, it was $500 more than what we originally paid. Ouch. So we just drove home, and now we have a $385 travel credit with Amtrak.... and I'd rather slit my wrists than travel Amtrak again. But we might muster up the courage, sans children, and for a short trip only, just to not let it go to waste.
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