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Originally Posted by barristan View Post
Does anyone have any experience with a large bank (or MO seller like Walmart I suppose) that doesn't require you to unroll the coins?

All of my local banks (which, in Ann Arbor, is limited to TCF and Chase) force me to put the coins through a machine. Now that giftcards.com is out of the picture it is hardly worth my time to go to the bank, unroll ALL of the coins, and feed them into the machine (only to be shorted a dollar or two per 1000).

If there was some other bank or store that I could just walk into, set the coins down, and leave that would be significantly more productive. I suspect this might be YMMV though..


Does fifth third or Charter one (RBS who I believe operates as first fed of michigan up there) have any branches in a2? If so try them. I bank at charter and deposit the coins and they welcome them. Our business accounts are with 5/3rd and my condo association account is there and I pay my dues with the coins rolled via a deposit into the account and they accept them (on the rare occassion someone else pays me in cash I just deposit coins and keep the bills as well). There have been a couple times I have taken in $500 in coins rolled and they just give me 10-$50's. YMMV though, since I know the tellers at both banks and have had banking relationships for many years.
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