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Originally Posted by LeeAnne View Post
Y'know what, Ron? It's awfully hard to find anything remotely humorous that has to do with airport security, when I am still feeling ill after being sexually assaulted, and having my surgical wounds pushed in until I cried out in pain, only two days YOUR CO-WORKERS.
Should I feel sorry for you? I dont.
Should I tell you why the screening was needed? I could I suppose, but what would be the point, you do not seem to have any wish to know the facts.
Should I feel sad because the screening you received was appropriate to the situation you presented to my "co-workers"? No. I read your story, and the facts of it that I can sort out from the rhetoric and useless commentary tell me that you were given significant deference because of your physical situation.
You should look up the definition of “sexual assault” before you accuse someone of it. Getting dragged into a civil court for libel would be a very harsh way to learn its meaning.

Originally Posted by LeeAnne View Post
Go get yourself a job that doesn't require you or your cohorts to abuse the disabled mother of an American soldier...or anyone else for that matter. Then and only then might I consider anything you post to be worth enjoyment.
“the disabled mother of an American soldier”. Is that supposed to make me feel something inordinate for you? If you were a disabled American soldier that would be a different story. As a veteran who has served during several combat actions I have respect for those who did so and those who either bear the scars of such or who paid the ultimate price. Being the parent of a service member gets you very little in my book.

You are more than welcome to “plonk” me madam if what I have to say causes you discomfort, but I will not stop opposing the rampant ignorance here and providing the facts simply because it does.
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