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MNL Terminal 1 : Arrival Procedure

After disembarking your plane, the route to the immigration area is pretty much straightforward. You'll pass through a temperature check by infrared cameras along the way.

Before the immigration counters will be the security check for tranferees and a small duty-free store selling chocolates and liquor for last-minute shopping. I've always passed these by but I'll try to put up a pic or two the next time I'm passing by.

Based on my experience so far, there are a lot of flights arriving at around 1PM and the 10PM slots. You may want to take up a seat somewhere near the front of the plane if you're in Y class in order to avoid lines like this at immigration:

Baggage area can also be crowded at this time.

After picking up your bags, hand over the customs check form to the inspector for his signature. I've never seen anybody had his/her bags checked, so not much to worry about here. I've taken raw fruits through without question.

Get back the signed customs form and head to the customs area exit. Along the way there are some exchange counters where you can buy some PHP, but the rates are much better if you buy from the foreign exchange counters at department stores like ShoeMart

Hand over the signed customs to the security at the customs area exit and head out the terminal door. Along the way somebody may ask to check your luggage tags, but this has happened to me only once or twice out of >20 entries
* Update Jan.3, 2015: Seems there's no more need to fill up a customs form

At the entrance of the terminal door there will be taxis to the left waiting to pick up passengers. VIPs can get picked up at this area too. For the rest of us, cross the street and head left or right to the arrival meeting area.

The arrival area. Only passengers are allowed in this area, while waiters are in the building across the street. Originally the arrival area had signs asking people to stand under the letter that included the initial letter of the family name of the person. Now the signs are "Bay 1" "Bay 2" etc, so you'll have to arrange things with the people you're meeting beforehand as to where they should look for you.

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