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Originally Posted by daniellam View Post
It seems like that if you are not a resident of the Philippines (eg. foreigner on foreign passport without Philippines residency visa, or Filipino residing overseas), the requirement for ex-Philippines tickets being ticketed in the Philippines does not apply.

Philippine residents must pay a special travel tax when purchasing airlne tickets to leave the country. The rule is to stop them from avoid paying the tax by purchasing their tickets outside the country.
I do this all of the time. Bottom line is that technically, ALL tickets originating in the Philippines MUST be ticketed AND PAID FOR there!!! I have gotten away with this in the past but in the last few years, it has been strictly enforced.

Also, on an award ticket originating in MNL there is a special tax that is collected regardless of your nationality or residence. The problem is that the AA US agents usually don't know about this and as noted in an earlier post, everything seems "ticketed" and in good order but it is not. I have had experience with this.

The issue is that they legally cannot write a ticket or collect any money without an IMPRINT of a cc AND a signature AND a copy of the passport that they retain.

The issue is complicated further - TECHNICALLY you are not able to enter the Philippines without a return TICKET -NOT simply a reservation!!! The chances that you will be stopped before you get on the plane to Manila are greater than being stopped in immigration but they are real!! I am asked to produce my ticket about 50% of the time by CX and if am bound and gagged and forced to fly Cebu Pacific or PAL - 100% of the time!!

Last year, leaving BKK, I was actually required to buy a ticket out before they let me get on the plane. I bought a refundable ticket but still lost about $60 on the transaction.

There are no ways of getting around this but if you do this regularly you should go to the AA rep office in Manila and talk to them. The are a great group and VERY helpful and professional.

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