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Originally Posted by Cheerfulflyer View Post
No doubt it is nice to have an international *O (One World) status when you are a US based flyer. I am wondering how easy it is to do that with QF with the understanding that you still have to fly QF (4 sectors?)/year to maintain your status. Some questions that I have are how to maximize status credits with AA flights. Do short segments work? Returns from business/first class fares etc? Are there any other *O partners better suited with the end result of a Emerlad status? Thanks for your suggestions. ^
Yes, you need 4 QF segments per year to earn/retain status.

There may be other OW carriers that have an easier path to status, but QF dangles a pretty nice carrot: lifetime status, particularly Lifetime Gold (LTSG) which translates to lifetime AC access with drinks. Discount J and F fares in the US help a lot.

Originally Posted by GuysInCT View Post
Why is that? If you are US-based, and fly mostly in the US, and fly enough to maintain EXP, I think status in AA would be more valuable (for unlimited upgrades, wived baggage fees, EXP desk for help, etc.). The only benefit I see with maintaining status with QF (or other non-US) would be lounge access. But to save a few hundred dollars, and give up the unlimited domestic upgrades, doesn't sound smart to me.
If I had to choose only one, I'd choose EXP over WP (Qantas Platinum) in a heartbeat due to unlimited domestic upgrades, 8 eVIPs, double earned miles on all flights, and the EXP desk.
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