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I think the fundamental purpose of travel security is to make it possible not to change anything we do in foreign affairs. And it is an old story in civilized history that the desire to "protect vital interests" on a global basis ends up costing freedom at home. When Rome ceased to be a republic, it became much more effective at imperialism. But it really was the sea change that assured the nation would become more corrupt and less free. Everyone likes to point out the glorious things done by Augustus. But just look at the history of the caesars that followed him. The justification of turning Rome into an absolutist state came to look pretty hollow under Caligular and Nero.

America should really do some soul searching. We have made global power a "vital interest". We're about as far from the America Washington created as we can be. And predictably, we are sacrificing bit by bit the only things that made an American experiment justified. For this we stole a continent? Just to give the world another Rome?
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