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Spoke with Business ExtrAA customer service today. They confirmed what Meeting Services said about Change Fees and booking. They further clarified that in the event of a schedule change or WX cancellation that points can be redeposited, and that they will refund half the points if you have already used half of a RT ticket.

The customer service rep also stated that AAnytime awards have no restrictions as long as seats are available, while planAAhead availability is not always the same as milesAAver availability. I asked for clarification and they transferred me to meeting services, who said it depends on the flight.

Similar to mvoight's experience, when I was checking availability for my planAAhead flight, some of the flights they had available were different than what shows as available online. Interestingly, one of the flights they offered (on a planAAhead coach award) showed T/0 on EF, while another one they said wasn't available showed T/7. I hope I would have been able to get that T/7 flight if I needed to. On one hand it is nice to have the expanded availability, but it makes planning more difficult when you have to call and check on every flight. If anyone has received a better explanation from an agent on how availability is determined, please post.

I didn't see the question about EXP until after I called. A quick call to meeting services could probably confirm that.
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