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Originally Posted by tassojunior View Post
Barclays is good to get a relationship with as they have many travel cards. I've been surprised at how pleasant they are on the telephone and how good their online account is.


I have no idea whether churning or coins are possible.
You will find many, many opinions to the contrary about Barclays customer service in the US forum. My experiences with them have been OK, but I do have some occasional frustrations with their fraud detection. Less so in the last year or two.

You will also find reports in the US forum of inability to churn these cards (e.g., Barclays will decline subsequent credit apps if you are an existing or prior card holder). It seems that you can get the personal card and also the business card without much trouble, but churning either might not work.

As I indicated, I've held their card for a few years with no big trouble, but YMMV. I have the unadvertised World Elite version.
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