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Originally Posted by tassojunior View Post
Yes it's just US Air and yes it's Barclays. But for those of us frozen out by Citi AA and maxed at Chase and AmEx, Barclays is another company to get a relationship with. Also for some of us (like DCA) US is the primary carrier.

US Air now has an waived-fee Dividend Miles card. That's extremely unusual for Barclays. The initial bonus after 1st use is 25K miles. Each anniversary 10K more miles is given ($89 annual fee).

In addition:

*Earn 10,000 miles towards Dividend Miles Preferred status
*Up to two $99 companion tickets annually
*Preferred check-In
*Preferred Zone 2 boarding
*One complimentary US Airways Club day pass annually
*Discount on annual US Airways Club membership

If you have a US Air account it is best to log in and look for promotions to find this application.

Otherwise here is a link and you can verify terms on the telephone:


Hopefully someone can devise a link directly to the promo page.

Also, since this confuses some people, the 10K miles towards preferred status are not extra miles but instead are miles you have earned via credit card purchases and switch from regular miles to preferred.

For example when you reach $25K in purchases before the end of the year then 10K miles that are already in your account will now count towards status. You balance of redeemable miles will not increase by 10K.

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