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[EXPIRED] Fee waived, US Airways Card, 30K + 10k @ anniversary


Beginning December 2014 Barclays has a list of US Preferred Elite members and the computer will toss your application immediately, like in 2 seconds, if you're not a Preferred elite Dividend Miles member. AND you cannot apply for any Barclays card again for 30 days.

Because of the flurry of blogs advertising this link the past week, and because it worked in the (distant) past, I did this just today and, like others are saying now, every single one is rejected immediately. Everyone is getting rejected and barred for 30 days. DO NOT USE THAT LINK !

The Dividend Miles number you provided on the application does not currently reflect a Preferred Status within the Dividend Miles program, and unfortunately this offer is only available to Dividend Miles members with Preferred Status. A credit report was not used in making this determination.

Update 3/5/13- Many people are getting denials and when phoning reconsideration finding it is because they are not Preferred or higher US members. No credit pulls are done when rejection is for this reason.

Update: 2/14/13- The Elite 40K link we've been using seems dead now.

In the meantime thanks to kdoughboy for the following 35K link with no 1st yr fee and bonus after first purchase:


(T&Cs at bottom)

See his post #2206 on page 148 for other links he found.

The above links seem to work even though you come to a "Sorry for technical difficulties" page. You can verify with the online status checker that it's submitted.

(The "trick" of opening a 35K link and then the old 40K link does not work. It appears your application is submitted and under consideration but in fact is non-existent.)

Update: 12/22/12

There is a new application link floating around some blogs that does not waive the annual fee or mention the 10K annual bonus. While it's nice to help blogs sometimes, that's a lot to give up. The application above is still the best.

Also some US applications have a spot for "employee number". It's not necessary to fill it in. People are getting approved and their miles after leaving it blank.

Update: 10/14/11

Churnable & Multiple Cards Approved
Can now confirm you can churn this card and even get a 2nd US Air card. I've had my US Air card for about 5 months and a Lufthansa card with $5K limit. Monday I closed the Lufthansa and tonight on phone with Barclays credit card approval hotline ( 866-408-4064 ) I was approved for 2nd US card. Said I needed to keep spending separated. They said no problem. (Thx milezjunkie for updated number!)

Fees for Balance Transfers continually vary on these apps so see what the current transfer fee is and whether it's worth the miles.

Yes it's just US Air and yes it's Barclays. But for those of us frozen out by Citi AA and maxed at Chase and AmEx, Barclays is another company to get a relationship with. Barclays usually pulls credit reports from TransUnion while others usually pull from Experian. Also for some of us (like DCA) US is the primary carrier.

US Air now has an waived-fee Dividend Miles card. That's extremely unusual for Barclays. The initial bonus after 1st use is 35K miles. Each anniversary 10K more miles is given ($89 annual fee). Although the application says it's for US elite members, anyone can use it.

My credit line was extended on the telephone to $11K so I could take full advantage of the $10K BT with one time $100 fee. The BT was transacted and my other account balance paid off within 3 days.

Holders of this credit card get 5K discounts on reward redemptions.

Holding the card restores expired miles in most situations on request.

US is a *Alliance member.

In addition:

*Earn 10,000 miles towards Dividend Miles Preferred status
*Up to two $99 companion tickets annually
*Preferred check-In
*Preferred Zone 2 boarding
*One complimentary US Airways Club day pass annually
*Discount on annual US Airways Club membership

Barclays is good to get a relationship with as they have many travel cards. I've been surprised at how pleasant they are on the telephone and how good their online account is.

There is also a no-fee US Air card which one can downgrade to after the first year to avoid the annual fee if the benefits of the regular card aren't useful.

There is a biz version of this card but it has a 25K bonus and the $79 fee must be paid. Better to get multiple personals.

1. People getting approved only for the lower Platinum card are now getting the same 35K bonus as the World MasterCard.

2. Barclays seems to be pulling only TransUnion almost everyplace in US which is a Big Plus ! Chase & AmEx pull Experian & Equifax and most of us have many Experian pulls and no TransUnion pulls.

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