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cx838 hkg-yvr cont'd

After the meal service, I went to the galley and requested to switch the amenity kit to the female version as I wouldn't need the amenity kit and had intended to pass it to my sister for her use. The amenity kit also lacked a lip balm which is the one that I need for long haul flights. In addition, I requested for another writing kit and obtained one with a Christmas and New Year greeting card included inside the kit. With the new amenity kit, I extracted the toothbrush and proceeded to wash up, then return to my seat to complete the movie and recline the seat to a full lie-flat bed position. Unlike the flight between Jakarta and Hong Kong which provides the thin blankets, this flight provided me with a thicker comfortable duvet in white sheets which looked cleaner and softer to the touch. I tried to lie down and get some shut eye, but realized that with the duvet, it can get quite warm and I was only able to get some shuteye for around 2 hours before I woke up. I decided to order something else as a snack and just because I could, I ordered one of the noodle soup and the ice cream. I also checked out the galley and obtained some apple chips. While the crew were preparing my snack, I switched on the inflight entertainment again to select something else to watch while snacking. With intention to get back to sleep after my snack, I chose a short program and selected the Top Gear Specials. The wide variety of programming by Cathay Pacific truly makes StudioCX one of the best inflight entertainment system in the skies!

Snacks 小食

Crispy jumbo chicken wing with blue cheese dressing 珍寶雞翼伴芝士汁

Assorted sandwiches 精選三文治

Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream 雪糕

Braised beef shank in noodle soup 清湯牛腱湯麵

Prawn and wood fungus shui gow dumpling in noodle soup 鮮蝦木耳水餃湯麵

The noodle soup was great in my opinion and I would gladly have another bowl if not for the fact that I was quite full and didn't want to look like a glutton. To help me get back to sleep, I also ordered a serving of Bailey's on the rocks which I enjoyed while watching Top Gear. Before I could finish the Top Gear episode I was watching, the IFE went dead again, as if signalling to me to get back to sleep. Well since I was beginning to get drowsy, I returned to lie down on the seat. Just before I got a shuteye, the IFE seemed to have completed the restart, but I just left it and went back to sleep since there were still a good 4 and a half hours to get to Vancouver. This time round, I managed to sleep for nearly 3 hours before the clanking of the dining trolley woke me up. I realized it was time where they served brunch onboard and the menu for brunch was:

Starters 頭盤

Orange or apple juice 橙汁或蘋果汁

Pink guava smoothie 番石榴乳酪飲品

Fresh seasonal fruit 時令鮮果

Fruit yoghurt 鮮果乳酪

Assorted cereals 天然穀麥

Main Courses 主菜

Omelette with pan-fried pork sausage, back bacon, oven roasted potatoes and braised bean ragout 雞蛋奄列配豬肉腸,煙肉,馬鈴薯及燴豆

Dim sum served with chilli sauce: Pork siu mai with scallop, shrimp fun gor, chive and pork dumpling, beancurd roll with vegetables 精選點心配辣椒醬:帶子燒賣, 鮮蝦粉果,韭菜豬肉餃及齋腐皮卷

Apple pancake with chicken sausage, vine ripened tomato and button mushrooms 蘋果班戟配雞肉腸,番茄及蘑菇

Bread Basket 麵包藍

Assorted breakfast bread served with preserves, honey and butter 精選麵包配果醬,蜜糖及牛油

Tea and Coffee 名茶及咖啡

I was able to head to the washroom to freshen myself up before returning to my seat as the purser motioned for a flight attendant to bring an additional fruit platter for my breakfast starter. I didn't really like the fruit combination which consisted of a papaya, though the choice of pink guava smoothie was excellent for breakfast. Amongst the main course choices, I picked the apple pancake as it seems nice and I wasn't disappointed as it consisted of a nice soft pancake wrapped over diced apples. Kind of like an Apple Pie except that its wrapped with pancakes. The portion was also just nice for me though it was also because I had a snack mid-flight, otherwise it might be a bit small. I passed on the bread but had a Hong Kong style Milk Tea to end my breakfast as I continued watching the Top Gear Special episodes which I stopped watching halfway as the IFE system rebooted itself.

Daylight over the Pacific

Along the way, I also opened out the way as I saw sunrise over the Pacific and as we flew closer to Vancouver, the cloud cover became thicker. With the breakfast tray cleared, I went to the washroom to change back to my jeans and return to my seat to hear the pilot making an announcement 30 minutes before scheduled landing. Shortly after that, the IFE system was disabled leaving me with just the inflight map. In fact the timing made me miss the last few minutes of the second Top Gear Episode I was watching. After we crossed the cloud cover, I noticed the grey skies over Richmond and rain streaks could be seen on the windows. It's just another rainy winter weather in Vancouver. I never remembered landing in Vancouver on a sunny day in the winter for the last few years I've been there.

Reaching Vancouver

Our flight landed at Vancouver International Airport at 11.56 am local time, and the plane soon parked next to a Korean Air 777. Disembarkation was quite slow since I was on the upper deck, though I had not much trouble extracting my luggage from the overhead compartment. I packed my belongings into my back before making my way down into the main deck and disembarking via the aerobridge. In my opinion, YVR is one of the best airport in North America with its earthy tones and the terminal's use of glass to let natural light into the hall. The large amount of artpieces scattered around the terminal is also synonymous with Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest. In fact the huge waterfall and wooden artpiece before the immigration always make waiting for passport control a relaxing time in the airport. This time though, queues were short at the immigration counter and after a short while, it was my turn to hand over my passport. I was asked a couple of questions like my purpose of visit, when I intended to leave and where I would be staying at. After the chop of approval, I went in search of my checked luggage and true to the priority baggage tag, I started to see my luggage as one of the first few to appear on the carousel. The short immigration queue and fast baggage claim meant that I was out of the airport into the arrivals hall in less than 25 minutes. Just goes to show that North America could be as efficient as Hong Kong at the right time and location!

Arrivals at Vancouver

My first trans-pacific flight on Cathay Pacific's Business Class is a nice experience and I was able to arrive relaxed and refreshed. The variety of meals, snacks and entertainment options onboard are great and adequate, though one could notice some cost-cutting in the premium cabins. Service on this Business Class was excellent and it was definitely much better compared to the one on my flight between Jakarta and Hong Kong. The business class on the upper deck of Cathay Pacific is perhaps one of the best places to be in at the skies on an intercontinental flight, unless one can get on the First Class.
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