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Originally Posted by nerd View Post
1) So when I securely log into a website (I think that's https://...) am I going through tunnel? Is it like a tunnel in the real sense, or an analogy?
Not exactly. Both offer secured connections, but https is strictly an internet communications protocol. VPN (which actually uses the term, "tunnel," to describe the connection) can support any protocol that the LAN you're connecting to can support.

2) So if it thinks I'm inside their local area network, that means it thinks I'm in the office?
Who is "it"? If you mean your computer, yes. If you mean your boss, no. When you're connected via VPN, your computer will (usually) be assigned an IP address local to the LAN with which you're connecting. However, it's simply a matter of looking at the VPN router's status page to determine whether that IP address is supporting an internal or VPN-connected computer.

You just kind of trick it to think that way?
It's not a trick. It's a computer communications protocol that provides a simple way to access internal network resources when you're outside of the office (or for two separate offices to be linked together)

Isn't that dangerous?
Uh . . .no, why would it be dangerous? VPN servers have several layers of security that prevent unauthorized clients from communicating with them. There's always a certain amount of risk when allowing outside access to a LAN, whether through the Internet, email or whatever. However, VPN is a proven technology and quite safe.
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