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VPN - Explain to a dummy

I have read the threads here, as about creating a VPN so you can watch Hulu, Comcast Fanfest/Xfinity, etc. in Europe and I just don't get it. I have googled how to set it up and still confused.

I go to Europe about once a year (slingbox is not cost effective for me) for about 2-3 weeks and sick of CNN and BBC. I'm going to Rome with my 2 grandchildren this August and would like to at least have an alternative viewing for their downtime. I will have a bunch of videos on my laptop but sometimes you just want something else!

I have a mac pro laptop (travel with) and 2 other Macs (iMac and a Powerbook) at home. I use a Netgear router and the iMac is wired and Powerbook can be either wired or wireless. Can I do this with my home computers or do I need something else - server? Can someone please direct me to a site for dummies on how to do it or give directions here?

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