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Originally Posted by blakepilot View Post
+1...Dallas and Ft. Worth are vastly different areas separated by a couple dozen miles. Ft. Worth is a lot slower paced, especially out in bedroom communities (Burleson, Arlington, etc., even though Arlington has got some great entertainment venues.) I'm 26 myself and couldn't imagine ever living in Ft. Worth, and I've lived in the DFW area nearly my entire life. Anyone that I've ever known living in Ft. Worth in our age range tries to get to Dallas as quick as they can, especially if you like to go out to restaurants and bars during free time.
You apparently haven't been over in the last year around the W. 7th development (about a mile west of downtown) which has a very high concentration of folks in their 20s. Several brand-new apartment complexes there as well as lots of cool houses for rent. TCU is about two miles to the south and with both a law and medical school in that immediate vicinity, lots of folks in your age group.

I lived in Dallas from age 22 to 35 because Fort Worth once upon a time had NOTHING going on for young single professionals. That has radically changed in the last five years. The West 7th development has 25-30 restaurants, almost as many bars, and a good urban vibe. Downtown is only a mile away and unlike downtown Dallas, also has a great vibe.

If you are looking to rent a house, the 76107, 76109, and 76110 zip codes the ones I generally recommend to young professionals. Older homes in very well-kept established neighborhoods. 76109 and 76110 are south of I-30 and wrap around the university (TCU) as well as the hospital district. The Fairmont neighborhood is an emerging neighborhood with inexpensive housing but a very urban vibe (fun bars and restaurants). 76107 is north of I-30 and wraps the W 7th area I referenced above as well as the cultural district, medical school, and some of the oldest neighborhoods in town dating back to the 20s.

Traffic needs to be a consideration wherever you live - if you live in Dallas and commute to the Fort Worth area, you are looking at 40-60+ minutes in the car, each way, depending on the time of day.

Burleson was a sleepy country town but is now a bustling suburb. But I would be bored to tears if I were an educated single 20 something down there. Most everyone your age there will either be married or blue collar. I lived in Arlington for about six months straight out of college and hated it - because of how spread out things were, it was difficult to meet people.

I had a hard time meeting new people in Dallas outside of work colleagues (especially with travel) - people tend to congregate with friends from college or work. Fort Worth has been the exact opposite - the town is growing so rapidly that many people are transplants from elsewhere.

I've helped several friends locate rental houses here in Fort Worth so I know the "good" neighborhoods quite well and what you can find where for various price points. You are welcome to PM me if you want more specific advice.
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