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Thanks. I'm open to buying a new server...I've priced out some decent low-end ones with HP and Dell and they're coming in at under $1000 including Foundation.

It's a dental office, so specific users may come and go, but the number of users will stay pretty constant.

As for remote desktop, some users (me, my dad, my mom, and a couple of the front desk personnel) like to connect from home evenings/weekends to maintain files on the shared drive and telnet into the Unix server to check upcoming days' schedules, patient accounts, etc. I do this now through SSH to the Ubuntu box.

When I look at the cost difference, a new server with Foundation is ~$1000, and Windows Server Standard with 10 CAL's (which I suppose I'd license on a per-machine basis) is about $1200. Seems like a new server is the cheaper option. I can put the existing server in the staff lounge and they can use it to field patient calls during lunch.

Renting licenses sounds like it could be interesting. They really only need one server though, so I'm not sure it would be cost effective.

Thanks for explaining licensing.
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