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Foundation is OEM only so unless you're looking to also buy new hardware forget about it. That said, doing anything with a Windows upgrade is generally easier on new hardware rather than in-place so worth considering.

Do they really need remote desktop? Would they be working to get to the files remotely or just internally? If the latter then RDP as a user seems unnecessary.

Regarding Windows licensing there are a few different ways to price it. For most small businesses you end up buying a server license and then either per-user or per-device CALs. Per-user means per named user, regardless of the number of devices. Per-device means as many users as you want but a fixed number of client PCs. If you had a factory environment where everyone has access to file servers but there are only kiosk computers rather than every user having one then per-device makes more sense, for example.

Finally, there is another licensing option that MS offers which is basically renting the licenses rather than buying them. You pay monthly or annually and the costs are relatively low. It scales better for multiple servers and it includes the ability to install multiple servers without needing to keep buying the server licenses. After 3 years, however, you may end up paying more for the same software, depending on how your user base grows and your needs change.
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