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Windows Server R2

I know I should probably look for Windows Server forums, but my FlyerTalkers never let me down.

I have been running an Ubuntu file server at my dad's office for the last few years, but I want to migrate him to Windows Server. I'll be moving to NYC soon and will have a job, so I won't be able to spend hours troubleshooting things that break. I also want to centralize administration by putting all his desktop PC's on a domain. I know I can do this with Samba, but I don't want to spend the time fiddling with it and maintaining it.

He has about 12 users and 10 PC's. I was thinking of getting him a new server with Windows Server R2 Foundation, which has a hard limit of 15 users. Question: are there other services that run in the background that would count as additional users?

I would love to just buy a copy of Foundation, but it's OEM only. I found a couple copies on Amazon and Newegg, but they're for HP or Lenovo. His existing server is a Dell (and it is listed on MS's website as compatible with Windows Server), so I don't think the install programs would like it.

Basically, this server will be the domain controller and file server. It will also need to run remote desktop so users can access files and telnet into a Unix server on the network. As I understand it, Foundation does all this.

Also, can someone please explain how the licensing for regular MS Server products works? If you do per-device licensing does that mean you have no user accounts? I've read through MS's entire licensing site and still don't really understand.

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