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I'm still trying to digest this and figure out if this is a good deal or not.

I wonder if it's worth re-issuing awards that haven't expired. I've got something like 14 awards in my account.

I'm a bit bummed about my 55 CP credits not counting towards the next companion pass with a 2012 expiration date. Do these credits expire on 3/1 or right now? If they expire 3/1 can we hit the 100 credits and get a CP that expires in 2012?

I really like the A-list preferred deal, since I've been averaging 65-70 WN flights per A-list qualification period. The free-Wifi will be really nice (assuming they actually get more than 60 planes wired). I assume that the A-list rankings will now go from credits/year to A-list preferred/A-list. I wonder if I'll see my A16-20 numbers slip after 3/1. I really like that my A-list status which renews on 1/21/11, will apparently be good until December 2012.

I also like that it won't kill me to use a free ticket Intra-CA or AZ-CA.

Probably my biggest dislike so far is the calendar year qualification period. I guess I'll need to make a bunch of TUS-ABQ-ELP-ABQ-TUS runs in December to top off CP status. Guess I'll need to keep flying both AS and WN equally now and not totally jump to AS from June to October like I did this year. I don't like that you don't get segment credit for flights with connections. I get two segments flying SEA-PDX-LAX on AS/QX. On WN, I apparently still only get 1 segment for A-list for a PDX-SJC-LAX trip.

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