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YYC-HKG in Y; HKG-YYC in J Queries

I guess that I should know the answer to this, but I don't, and so here I am.

Given how you can buy Y an J tickets individually on Air Canada's website, am I correct in assuming that there is nothing particularly wrong with flying Y on one segment (say, YYC-HKG) an J on the return segment?

I ask because the price differential in splitting the flights up this way can be, in my view, rather significant, and, considering the timing of the YVR-HKG flights, I'm not sure that I really need a lie-flat seat on the way to HKG, while it certainly would be nice to have one on the way back to YVR.

Also, having never flown in business class before, and being someone with absolutely no status with anyone or anything, am I correct in assuming that flying on a J class ticket from HKG-YYC gets you entry into all Star Alliance business class lounges in HKG? Does it also get you entry into any business class lounge in YVR (for the YVR-YYC flight segment)?

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