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I just spoke with my daughter, who flew out of BOS this morning. Her comment to me, right after "Happy Thanksgiving" was "I got groped by the TSA."

The machines are back on. She was selected for the AIT machine and opted out. She got the enhanced pat down from a "very nice woman." (My daughter gets along with everyone). The TSO asked her if she objected to being patted down, and she told her she did, but she wanted to catch her flight on Thanksgiving morning, so....go ahead. Sure enough, the woman explained she would have to pat up her legs until she "met resistance." My daughter apparently started to laugh nervously when she heard the phrase..."You actually call it that?"

The TSO apparently used the back of her hands for most of it, but my daughter was offended by the whole process, as just about any of us would be! Worse, when she exited into the gate area, she stopped for coffee and was talking loudly to her boyfriend (who didn't get selected and just had to deal with the WTMD) about the ridiculousness of the TSO's procedures when she was approached by a very angry and upset woman who had also just been thru the checkpoint.

According to my daughter, this other young woman had been forced by the TSA to remove her dress. It was apparently a wrap-around dress with long sleeves that the TSA insisted must be a coat. They told her she had to take off her coat. She explained it was not a coat, but a dress. They demanded she take it off. Underneath, she was only wearing a camisole and panties. She was exposed in this manner and was furious. My daughter told her to make a complaint to the ACLU, and I hope this young woman does so.

This intimate invasion of people's clothing and private personal space has GOT TO STOP. I still can't believe that law abiding citizens who had committed NO CRIME are being strip searched by a bunch of lawless bullies in airports all over this country.
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