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12,000 miles needed in December for SE - worth doing a Mileage Run?

Hello All:

I need some advice and wisdom from the experts and enthusiasts here on the forum.

For the last 12 years, I've wound up as either Elite or Super-Elite each year. The only difference I have noticed between the two levels is that getting an upgrade using a certificate is a "sure bet" when SE, but only successful about 75% of the time when plain old E.

As of December 1 this year, I'll be at 88,500 status miles for the year. Do you think it would be worthwhile to do a mileage run of some kind to pick up the missing 11,500 miles? If so, what route would you suggest to a Victoria BC based person?

I have very limited time available to do such a run (3 days total at the very most), and I don't care where the plane would go. When I get into a plane, I just fall asleep until it lands, no matter where I am sitting. Note that I have a couple of the 'Special System Wide' upgrade certificates still remaining, so, I suppose I could use them on such a mileage run to improve the quality of the sleep.

Your opinions would be greatly appreciated.
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