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Originally Posted by SWFA View Post
Last week, one of my flying partners (Captain with Skywest) was going through security at DEN with his 18 year daughter. As his daughter approached the detector, the TSO working the NoS said on his headset, "heads up, got a cutie for you."
Holy moly. Horrific!

PLEASE ask your captain to publicize this every way he can while protecting his daughter's identity. This is INSANE.

Originally Posted by SWFA
It's stories like this, is why I will not go through the NoS (radiation/health issues) and even refuse the the pat-down thus (if it happens while on duty) canceling the flight due to a hostile work environment.
I presume you are a SkyWest FA... PLEASE resist at checkpoints, even if it means flight cancellations... activist flight crews are a key point of leverage for us in this battle. If enough of you resist the system grinds to a halt. Remember that TSA has chosen to go to war with you and your customers. PLEASE do not submit to government-sanctioned sexual assault as a job requirement... and PLEASE tell your captain friend how many passengers sympathize with him, and stand with him and his daughter.

We've got a concurrent thread going here started by a 17-year-old girl worried about exactly this kind of checkpoint abuse:

I hate for her to read stories like yours but this is the evil truth of what is going on. Prurience disguised as security.

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