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Originally Posted by tsadude1 View Post
Wow, you folks are really gullible. When have you ever seen a male TSO pat down a female pax? This jerk stated that he witnessed a male TSO touch the private parts of a female child. He didnt report it right then? Would any of you honestly not report this if you witnessed it and especially if you are some hot shot reporter such as this guy. Wake up.
At least one poster, who claims to be a TSO, states that at small airports, there is no TSA requirement that there are both male and female screeners on duty.


Of course, he or she might be lying...

Morever, the TSA documents cited above nowhere state that TSA absolutely bars its personnel from searching a person of the opposite gender or observing a private search of a person of the opposite gender. The phrase "goes to great lengths" is meaningless - there is no protection from it meaning "unless a supervisor likes DD-blonds".

Male screeners have certainly attempted to pressure women to allow them to touch them - this has happened to me. I assume they succeed sometimes.

In BOS, a male screener told me there was a 'very long wait' for a female screener and it 'would be better' to let him do it.

I told him I would wait and that he should put my things where I could see them. He asked me which belt they were on. I was stupid and pointed. He then moved to stand so that I couldn't see the belt at all and kept repeating that it 'would be better' to let him screen me.

I told him that if he got one inch closer, I would scream my head off...he backed down and eventually a female came.

I tried to file a complaint, but never got any response.

A (rather small-busted) friend told me that a male TSA at BOS tried to frisk her, shouting that she couldn't possibly be female. No idea whether it was the same guy or whether she filed a complaint.

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