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Superb driver: Wayan Merta

My wife and I just returned from Bali, where we drove with and got to know a superb driver. His name is Wayan Merta. He's excellent! A very nice guy, a gentle soul, whose English is excellent and who is quite bright. Plus he was more than willing to answer our many questions about the island's culture, geography, etc. and to otherwise engage in some interesting conversation. At the same time, he was not too talkative--when we simply wanted to soak in the view from his car or otherwise be quiet, he was silent as well. And, last but certainly not least, Wayan is a very safe, conservative driver who does not go too fast and does not take risks.

Wayan also was very good at replying quickly to emails. I contacted four other drivers as well as him as we were planning our trip. His rates were as good as or better than the other four. Because I finalized our plans on our various trips just a week before we went, Wayan was not available one of the days we needed him. But the fellow whom he used to substitute for him was also a very nice guy and a fine driver. His English wasn't as good as Wayan's but it was perfectly adequate for conversation and to answer our questions.

I forgot the exact name of the kind of car he driver, but it's a pretty new model--kind of a small SUV, with air conditioning and everything else working well.

As I was finalizing our plans, I contacted Wayan along with four other drivers to compare rates and responsiveness. Both his prices and the information he provided in his emails were as good or better than the other four.

I very highly recommend Wayan and would definitely use him again if and when we return to Bali.

By the way, if you go to his website (link provided below) you'll find other glowing recommendations, including the email addresses for folks supplying the reviews. You can also find additional endorsements (beyond my own) at

His contact information:
Wayan Merta
Email: [email protected]
Cell Phone: +62 81 138 6761 (in-country: 081 138 6761)

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