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Originally Posted by sunnyjl View Post
No women have actually commented to say what the actual groping involved. I would like to hear about that if any women have been through it. Thanks.
The one and only groping I've had was in 2003 at PDX, long before this latest round of enhanced nonsense was rolled out and even before the 'back of the hand' standard we've had for most of the post-9/11 era. It's the only example of front of the hand screening I can offer. FWIW, here 'tis:

If you've ever worn an underwire bra then you understand how far up both sides of the cup the support wires can extend and exactly where that comes into contact with your body. If the current procedure includes what I faced, the experience of having fingers probing along the wires (from armpit to sternum) means there's almost no way to avoid touching the surrounding tissue to some extent. Having only ever allowed medical professionals and lovers to touch me in those places the experience was shocking in its invasiveness, leaving me thoroughly grossed out and infuriated. For a government actor to assert such rights over another's body without sufficient cause is as psychically wrong as physically. Just. Plain. Wrong.

As for below the waist private area screening, I haven't faced it stateside. Like so many others passing through FRA I've had the wand up the thighs experience along with a lesser chest exam several times. The whole performance is quicker and somewhat less infuriating since it's so cold and pro forma. Certainly there's never been any snickering or leering from those on the sidelines whose duty it is to serve and protect.

Never again will I consent to a front of the hand search. Someone has to stand up to airport thuggery and indecency and it may as well be me who says 'enough of this f***ery'. Being self-employed and childless I have no one to answer to for my whereabouts. I'm mentally prepared to abandon my flight plans and will find another way home, even if means days of delay.

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