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Vegan meal MSP-SFO worked out

I flew MSP-SFO on 2 Sept in F, and had pre-ordered a vegan meal, listed as "vegetarian non-dairy" on the website. Afterward, it just showed up as "vegetarian" on my itinerary, but a call to SMS confirmed it was in the system as vegan.

I was flying with a group of 4, and when the FA served lunch, one tray at a time, he turned to me and said, "You're going to be the envy of the whole cabin, your lunch is in the oven and smells amazing." When he served my tray, he apologized that he didn't have a menu description.

It was definitely vegan, and definitely fresh, healthy and tasty! I still have no clue what it was. There was a square plate served hot with a spinach thing, a cabbage stir-fry, and some kind of grain that I think was bulghur that was beautifully-spiced. There was a brown onion sauce on the side. The tray also had a side-salad, a roll and a plate of cut fruit for dessert (different from the fruit bowl on the standard meals).

Interestingly, on the tray was a card that called it a "vegetarian-pure meal" adding to the vegetarian-vegan confusion.

As a funny aside, my mother, sitting next to me, had the Greek salad with grilled chicken, also a nice lunch. She kept trying to get me to take some of her chicken, since she couldn't finish it all, and since my meal didn't seem to have any meat on it! I gave up trying to get her to understand why I eat this way a loooong time ago!
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